PMP and CCPM stand for project management professional and critical chain project management respectively. Both of these are certified courses for project managers who strive to improve their professional capabilities.

While project management professional is a course for increasing management knowledge and creating impactful contacts in the industry, CCPM has a different meaning altogether. As the name suggests, critical chain project management is a training journey for professionals with high-grade intentions which include:

  • To manage complex situations related to budgeting and dealing with unprofessional clients.
  • To be able to meet the expected deadlines in time.
  • To step-by-step plan for the project execution by managing time, finance, and corporate clients.
  • To follow set criteria for managing high-end projects to eliminate confusion between the team members and their leader.

Training sessions have always proved to be beneficial for people with high ambitions to achieve within a limited time period. Otherwise, accomplishing the professional goals is possible but it takes time and a lot of the struggle. People with a PMP and CCPM certification tend to be increasingly skillful and knowledgeable due to the fact that they’re given worthy lessons and training by highly educated and experienced people from the different career fields.

Benefits of PMP and CCPM that project managers bring into play

  1. They play an effective role in ruling out possible errors:

CCPM training involves learning about the possible mistakes that a project manager might make. When a great number of errors and blunders are pointed out by experienced professionals, the trainees get to strictly follow the correct path. This way, the possibility of committing irreparable mistakes by a project manager is ruled out with a promising outcome of an effectively played smart role for the organization’s betterment.

  1. They intelligently handle the work stress:

Work stress is a definite part of working in a professional environment. CCMP is a certified training course for planning project management execution while handling stress with ease and convenience. When you have a globally approved step-by-step plan to make things work out then the obstacles that come in the way can be effortlessly handled.  

  1. They possess additional knowledge apart from the regular training:

Regular studies for project management are typically meant to handle specific details regarding the assignment. However, CCMP and PMP courses provide additional exposure and scope to dealing with advanced issues that come in the way of project execution. This is why project managers with a certification of PMP and CCMP are considered for appointing crucial tasks with complexities.

  1. They are trusted to carry out tough projects with smartness:

Tough projects are not supposed to be dealt with and completed by unprofessional people who do not intend to give their 100% to the job. While professionals who are PMP and CCMP certified are truly devoted towards their job and work commitments, which is why they choose to go out of the way to learn advanced studies.

  1. They don’t require additional resources for task completion:

Skilled and expert project managers with a PMP and CCMP certification are trained to work with the help of the available resources without exceeding the budget and deadlines. This is why they are considered to be more capable of making things work out with increased efficiency and higher intelligence.