If you want to excel in the world of business, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is your ticket to immediate success. The world is quickly transforming into a global market and the demands of every profession are changing. Be at an advantage and acquire additional skills while simultaneously adding value to your resume. Though people consider PMP certification as time-consuming, difficult and expensive, following are some reasons why you should have it:

  1. Stand out in the crowd

With the help of PMP Certification, you can catch the eye of a recruiter instantly. Because it is time consuming to interview and assess every applicant for a job vacancy, employers are able to quickly filter out applicants by shortlisting those who are PMP certified. Companies prefer to hire certified rather than non-credentialed candidates due to the standard of expertise that is exhibited by such individuals. Furthermore, this certification is a stepping stone for climbing up the corporate ladder. Some organizations are making it a mandatory requirement for positions within their firm.

  1. Internationally recognized

The world has turned into a global community. Having a certification that is internationally recognized helps professionals demonstrate and showcase their skills and expertise to numerous employers. It is a credential whose reputation precedes you. Because this highly coveted accreditation is accepted by any industry at any location, you have the freedom to work anywhere in the world.

Moreover, PMPs are a close-knit community with many online forums to help you stay in touch with the latest developments and trends, share tips and insights, and discuss experiences.

  1. Better salary

The cost of preparing for the PMP certification exam through a training center and the exam fee are an initial expense. However, it is an investment with good returns. A PMP is able to enjoy a steep salary hike after completion and trends indicate it will continue to increase in the future. PMP certification is already one of the highest paid IT credentials.

  1. Better job opportunities

A PMP certificate portrays professionalism and opens up better career avenues. Companies recognize that certified individuals are better at completing projects on time, within budget, and with available resources. The overall performance and success rates of projects are better.

  1. Job security

The economy is more stable than it was a few years ago, but there is no guarantee of downsizing and layoffs. In times of uncertainty or recession, having a PMP certificate is a definite plus point. Because you have been exposed to current trends in project management, you are deemed more competent and valuable. You have the core qualities required to keep the organization viable in the competitive market using the best practices and techniques.

  1. Better qualified

An employer knows that clearing the PMP exam is hard work. It demonstrates how ambitious you are towards your long-term career. A PMP certification proves your abilities to manage challenging projects. You will be a huge asset to the company as a professional who plans, initiates, executes, monitors, controls and completes any task.