Arabic Language Course Level 1

Arabic is the official language of all Arab countries and is spoken by the majority of the population in the GCC. In this regard, the study of the Arabic language will allow expats and tourists to communicate fluently

Basic Airway Management (7 CME)

Airway management includes a set of techniques performed to clear the airway from any obstruction.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Course

Flexible schedule: Course available twice a week.
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Certificate approved by all health Authorities in UAE.

The course is designed to provide and enhance BLS knowledge in different critical situations such as Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Need for CPR, ILCOR Guidelines, Single Rescuer BLS Practice, Stopping CPR and Multiple Rescuer BLS, BLS in Special Circumstances and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction.

Carrier Ethernet Fundamentals

In this special course, the students will learn the fundamentals of Ethernet. It results in better understanding of fundamental processes

CEN Certified Emergency Nurse

The CEN Exam Prep course is designed to help eligible professionals take the exam. While the course is not designed to teach foundational concepts, it can help participants focus on content areas that may require a more in-depth review, as well as identify familiar content areas for which a more cursory review will suffice.

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Sterile Processing Enhancement Course

This course is designed for employees working in a Sterile Processing area, in the Operating Room, or other areas of a Hospital performing cleaning, decontamination, packaging and sterilization services.

Certification in Infection Prevention and Control

Becoming a certified demonstrates a commitment to the standards in infection prevention and control

Certified Lean Master in Healthcare
Lean healthcare is the application of “lean” principles in healthcare facilities to minimize waste in every process, procedure, and task through a continuing  system of improvement. Using lean principles, all members of the organization, from clinicians to operations and administration staff, continually strive to identify areas of waste and eliminate the things that does not add value to patients.
Certified Lean Practitioner

A Certified Lean Master will be assigned in the highest management priorities, which is to maximize profitability and implement a culture of endless improvement. They are promoters of management change by demonstrating and implementing new processes.

Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS)™

Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS)™ is a certification conducted by Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety (CBPPS). ​​​​​The Certification Board for Professionals in Patient Safety (CBPPS) is an elected body that has strategic and fiduciary oversight of the certification program.

Clinical Laboratory Operations

This course is an overview of the basic components of clinical laboratory operations and provides a general guide, from government requirements for licensing and certification, to laws and regulations regarding lab procedures and practice. While this presentation is based upon the “American Model” of lab operations, the author has found that there are elements that are common to all labs that must be addressed world-wide. Appropriate utilization of lab tests has a significant impact on patient safety and treatment, as more than 70% of all medical diagnosis and treatments (in the U.S.A.) are based on lab test results. It is important that

Clinical Nurse Educator Workshop (CNE Preparation Course) in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Certification in any field is a mark of professionalism. For academic nurse educators, it establishes nursing education as a specialty area of practice and creates a means for faculty to demonstrate their expertise in this role. It communicates to students, peers and the academic and health care communities that the highest standards of excellence are being met. By becoming credentialed as a certified nurse educator, you serve as a leader and a role model. Certification is the mark of distinction for nursing faculty.

CMA Course

CMA qualification is designed for specialists in financial and management accounting, as well as for senior managers

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses

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CPHQ Review Course in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality CPHQ course Dubai is created for specialists in the field of healthcare. There is a wide list of benefits, which are offered for those, who have successfully passed this exam. This certificate shows that you are one of the most experienced quality specialists in the healthcare sphere, so upon successful completion, this will significantly result in an increase in job offers and offers of cooperation, if you already have your own business in the medical sphere.

Customer Service in Healthcare (5 CME)

Customer service in a medical setting has a unique set of challenges specific to providing first-rate healthcare and patient satisfaction.

Cytology (ASCPi)

The CTgyn(ASCPi) is a review couse for the applicants willing to sit for CTgyn(ASCPi). Eatimad examination preparation courses for the ASCP in Dubai are provided by experienced professionals covering all aspects of gynecological cytology.


Cytology generally refers to the study of cells for purposes of identifying signs of abnormality or disease. Cytotechnologists work in the laboratories of clinics and hospitals, assisting pathologists and other lab personnel. In order to become a certified cytotechnologist or laboratory manager, applicants need to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited cytotechnology program and pass a certification exam.

Emerging Respiratory Viruses, Novel Coronavirus

Respiratory viral infections are a leading cause of disease and mortality. The severity of these illnesses can vary markedly from mild or asymptomatic upper airway infections to severe wheezing, bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

Viral respiratory tract infections are the most common diseases affecting humans worldwide. Respiratory viruses can be associated with both self-limiting upper respiratory tract infections (eg, the common cold) and more severe lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) (eg, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonitis, pneumonia). LRTIs are a major cause of hospitalization, morbidity, and mortality in infants and the elderly and are associated with significant disease burden.

First Aid Training and Certification

If you are interested in first aid training in Dubai, then feel free to contact Eatimad Training Center for additional information on our courses, prices,

GPON-FTTx Fundamentals

For companies engaged in the sphere of internet technologies, it is essential to raise the qualifications of its employees.

Healthcare Quality

At Eatimad Training Center, we understand how important it is for you to receive good knowledge and understanding about Healthcare Quality. That is why we did our best to create a program that gives you the opportunity to understand all aspects of this examination and get prepared you for every question you are likely to face.Foundation of Healthcare Quality in Abu Dhabi is created for specialists in the field of healthcare. There is a wide list of benefits, which are offered for those, who have successfully passed this exam. This certificate shows that you are one of the most experienced quality specialists in the healthcare sphere, so upon successful completion, this will significantly result in an increase in job offers and offers of cooperation, if you already have your own business in medical sphere.

Healthcare Quality Improvement

Many in healthcare today are interested in defining “quality improvement”. We propose defining it as the combined and unceasing efforts of everyone—healthcare professionals, patients and their families, researchers, payers, planners and educators—to make the changes that will lead to better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development (learning). This definition arises from our conviction that healthcare will not realise its full potential unless change making becomes an intrinsic part of everyone’s job, every day, in all parts of the system. Defined in this way, improvement involves a substantial shift in our idea of the work of healthcare, a challenging task that can benefit from the use of a wide variety of tools and methods.

Heart Failure Care Seminar (6 CME)

This course is designed to help the participants correct identified gaps in practice so they can positively create a holistic impact in Heart Failure patients.

Human Factors in Patient Safety Course

Unfortunately human error cannot be completely avoided; even the most highly trained professional can still make mistakes. This interactive training course will highlight the factors that can influence people and their behaviour and with a clear understanding of human factors, teams can be more aware of potential threats and minimise errors.

IELTS Coaching - Condensed Course

This is an intensive IELTS preparation course in Dubai designed for individuals that have fair english abilities and are looking to know about the IELTS test details, tips, techniques, sample questions and all they need to know to get the desired band score.

IELTS Preparation Course

We will provide you extensive IELTS exam preparation training and guide you on how to study and be well prepared. We will walk you step by step until you get a high score in the IELTS exam.

Infection Control Course (7 CME)

Health care associated infection (HAI) could lead to death, disability and excess medical costs world wide.

Internal & External Quality Control in the Clinical Lab Course

Medical Testing Laboratory should design quality control to detect, reduce, and correct deficiencies in a laboratory’s examination process. The laboratory management should make sure that the quality control material must be processed as per the quality management plan for each department, then do the daily, weekly and monthly evaluation with combine with the External Quality Control.

International Certification in Wealth and Investment Management

ICWIM is suitable for a individuals who are aspring to become an expert, to professionals who are already working in the financial industry. This certification is appropiate for everyone who are willing to take on challenging roles in Private Banking, Financial Advisory and Wealth Management industries.

ITIL 4 Foundation Course and Certification

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of detailed practices for IT service management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

IV Therapy Management Workshop (7 CME)

The IV Therapy Management Course is accredited by Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH) and is recognised by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Laboratory Quality Management and Accreditation

Quality management has always been important for medical laboratories. Certification according to the standard ISO 9001 and accreditation according to the standard ISO 17025 have been the proof of fulfilling quality requirements. The relatively new standard ISO 15189 is the first standard for medical laboratories.

LEED GA Course

The UAE has become an increasingly important centre for the global green building movement; USGBC said it had more than 80 member organisations and more than 1180 registered and certified LEED buildings in the UAE. Hence; there is increasing demand and more opportunities available in the market that required professionals with LEED knowledge and expertise including LEED Green Associate certificate & LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP BD+C)

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Managing Stakeholder Expectations focuses on a stakeholder-based approach in projects and examines

Method Validation and Verification in the Laboratory

Method Validation and Verification in the Laboratory is a process by which it is established, through laboratory studies, that the performance characteristics of a method meet the requirements for its intended analytical applications. Method Validation typically evaluates the following analytical characteristics of a method: Accuracy, Precision, Specificity, Detection Limit, Quantitation Limit, Linearity, Range and Robustness.

Microsoft Excel Training - Intermediate Level
MLS (ASCPi) Review Course

An intensive preparation course, focused on revision of knowledge in various fields of medicine, including Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation etc.

Nursing Review Course

Nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities,

Pain Management Seminar (7 CME)

Gaps in the quality of pain care delivery reflect: problems related to health care professionals and problems related to the health care system.

Patient Safety Course (7 CME)

The simplest definition of patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with healthcare.

Pediatric Emergency Assessment and Treatment Course (6 CME)

The course is designed to enable healthcare professionals – specialists or nonspecialists to safely sort out children with emergency in any clinical setting. The aim is to provide a clinical guidance on managing infants and children

Pediatric First Aid

Pediatric First Aid is the immediate care given to a child or infant to manage an injury or illness prior to the arrival of a qualified medical assistance.

Phlebotomy Training Program

Delegates will acquire skills in phlebotomy beginning with ethical behavior to maintain professional appearance to relieve patient anxiety and maintain patient confidentiality, progressing to the practice of vein and capillary puncture procedures using a variety of methods and equipment including vacutainer system, microcollection devices, winged infusion set and syringe.

Physiotherapy review Course for HAAD DHA MOH

Physical therapy or physiotherapy (often abbreviated to PT) is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention (therapy using mechanical force and movements). It is performed by physical therapists (known asphysiotherapists in many countries).


Planning & Scheduling Professional Review Course

PSP is a skilled planning and scheduling professional with advanced experience in project planning

PMP Course

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Process Improvement in the Clinical Laboratory

Nowadays, the problem associated with the process and improvement in the clinical laboratory is urgent for dozens of companies all over the world. This topic is actively discussed by experienced specialists, who work in this sphere for a very long time.

Project Estimating and Scheduling

The goal of this course is to equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques so that you can establish realistic schedule

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Project management is an area of professional activities aimed at achieving clearly identified objectives of the project and receipt of a product, with the appropriate planning, allocation and use of resources, risks and quality, as well as the timing of the project. Resources in this context include funds, personnel, materials, space, energy sources and so on. Of particular importance in this are components such as careful planning, risk management and deviations from the plan, as well as skillful management of changes.

Quality Control in the Clinical Laboratory

Learning Objectives: Quality Control in the Clinical Laboratory is an extensive training to assist laboratory professionals in implementing international quality standards. Trained personnel on QC will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical laboratory services and significantly reduce or eliminate the number of deficiencies. World class organizations such as the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) and

Quality in Patient Care Course

Like all industries, the product here is the ‘quality of the patient centred care’. Patient care starts with the first encounter which the patient has with the health care facility staff, this includes the clinical teams, administrative teams; in fact, everyone has interaction with a patient (customer) including the auxiliary staff, domestic and security staff etc. All have a part to play in delivering outstanding customer care.

Risk Assessment in Healthcare

Doing a risk assessment is about identifying the risks and hazards in your workplace that might cause harm to patient/clients, visitors and staff. …

Risk Management Course

Risks accompany all activities of any organization operating in market conditions. Factors specific to the current state of the UAE and world economy

Safety Training Program

Studying in educational institutions and colleges, we are taught to understand our chosen profession and instill disciplinary approach and responsibility.

Strategic Value Management - Program Management

The organizational development has changed dramatically from delivering strategies to delivering strategies